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Teeth that are badly damaged, stained, and chipped can damage your smile. If you’re looking to change the appearance of your smile, then porcelain veneers can create a natural-looking, beautiful new surface. Our team at Dental Care 4 U works with a gentle touch through our wide selection of cosmetic dental services. We can provide dental veneers to improve the look and feel of your smile, all a part of our goal for safe, affordable dental care.

Creating a New Smile With Porcelain Veneers at Dental Care 4 U

Veneers are a thin layer of super-strong porcelain that can substitute natural enamel. When bonded with the teeth, they create a translucent and tough surface that’s stain-resistant and has a long life expectancy. They can improve the color, shape, and spacing of your smile, flattering your face and giving your smile a whole new look. 

Under the care of Dr. Raj Khurana, he can work with you to give you a smile you’ve always wanted. During your appointment, Dr. Khurana will perform a diagnostic exam to determine any health concerns impacting your oral health. After discussing your oral health, Dr. Khurana can plan out your veneer treatment by discussing your goals for your new look, how the veneers will work, and schedule an appointment for your treatment.

Dr. Khurana will perform your veneer treatment across two appointments. He will perform the procedure under the following steps:

  • Preparation and Moulding: For preparation, small amounts of enamel will be buffed to allow for the veneers. During the same visit, Dr. Khurana will take molds of your teeth and send the molds to our associated dental laboratory for fabrication. 
  • Temporary Setting: In the meantime, Dr. Khurana will place temporary veneers on the surface of your teeth. Throughout this time, these temporary veneers will protect the enamel from damage and decay and allow time for the permanent veneers to be made. 
  • Bonding and Cement: At your second and final appointment, the new veneers will be placed on the tooth surface and checked for a proper fit. The veneers can be adjusted with various shades of cement to match the color of your teeth. After adjustment, the veneers are bonded to the teeth using specific chemicals, and then a laser will be used to harden the cement in place. Dr. Khurana will also schedule a follow-up appointment to help you adjust to your treatment. 
Dental mirror checking Veneers

Porcelain Veneer Treatment Provided at Dental Care 4 U

At Dental Care 4 U, we work to foster positive experiences at our dental office through regular visits and treatment options to prevent tooth decay and keep your smile healthy. If you want to improve your smile and feel like veneers are an option for your, contact our practice today in Holland, IL, to speak with Dr. Raj Khurana for an appointment. Operating for over 20 years, our team has served families everywhere with bread-and-butter dentistry that’s reliable, affordable, and family-friendly. No matter the time, you’ll always see the same dentist and experience quality care that feels like home. Call us today to schedule an appointment!