Periodontal Services

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Getting regular checkups goes further than cleaning your teeth. At Dental Care 4 U, we provide Periodontal Services where we look for the early warning signs of gingivitis, the early signs of gum disease that cause irritation, swelling, and redness throughout the gums. For those faced with the onset of periodontal disease, our team can be here for you and can provide periodontal services to clean your teeth and make your smile healthy again.

Periodontal Services Provided at Dental Care 4 U

Our team can provide periodontal dental services to clean your gums, repair pockets of damaged tissue, and keep bacteria at bay for your oral health. For patients faced with puffy, irritated, and painful gums, we can provide a selection of services, including:  

  • Scaling and Root Planing: Scaling and root planing is similar to regular dental cleanings but involves removing bacteria and plaque underneath the gums and near the jawbone. This deep clean penetrates the underlying bacteria to protect the tooth roots and bone from further damage and prevents bacteria from building up again. 
  • Gingivectomy: A gingivectomy works to repair pockets, or empty spaces between the teeth and gums, by removing the plaque and small areas of the gum tissue to prevent bone damage. Clearing out and preparing the pockets can help heal your gums and improve the appearance of your gums. 
  • Dental Crown Lengthening: Our team can perform dental crown lengthening for patients with gummy smiles or excess gums impacting the length of the front teeth. Dental crown lengthening procedures create an even gum line by removing excess tissue and sculpting the gums to frame the teeth better. Our team will remove excess gum tissue around the upper teeth during the procedure to help them appear longer and more symmetrical. 
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How We Provide Periodontal (Gum) Screenings at Dental Care 4 U

Periodontal exams are essential for maintaining your oral health. These exams help reveal signs of receding gums, exposed roots, tooth grinding, and other problems. Our team can catch gum disease in its earliest stages during our regular dental exams and treat it to give you peace of mind. 

During your gum exam, Dr. Raj Khurana will check for issues with the gums, including lumps in the mouth, loose teeth, and plaque distribution, and check the color, texture, and shape of your gums. He will also perform a thorough examination to evaluate your dental and medical history, examine your oral health, and perform screenings to diagnose potential issues. If there are signs of gum disease or periodontal disease, Dr. Khurana can discuss treatment options with you and schedule regular follow-up appointments. 

At Dental Care 4 U, we treat you like family, and whether you need a regular exam, tooth extraction, gum disease treatment, and cosmetic care, we provide a selection of services to care for all of your basic dental needs. For more information, contact our practice today in Holland, IL, to speak with Dr. Raj Khurana for an appointment. When you visit our office, you will always see the same dentist and experience quality care that feels like home.