Emergency Dental Care

young woman looking at mirror while suffering from tooth pain

The main goal of dentistry is to keep your teeth healthy as long as possible. However, accidents and injuries happen daily, and sometimes you and your family may need emergency dental care to save a broken tooth. At Dental Care 4 U, we treat all dental emergencies and provide emergency services 24/7 to stabilize the tooth, protect your mouth from further injury, and restore your smile to a healthy state.

Emergency Dentistry Services Provided at Dental Care 4 U

Our team can provide emergency dental services to stabilize your condition and treat your teeth. Whether you have a non-stop toothache, have a broken tooth, or have just lost a permanent tooth due to an accident or injury, we are happy to help you no matter the time of day. These services include:

  • Tooth Re-Implantation: If one or more teeth have been knocked out of the gum socket, the tooth can be saved, mainly if the tooth contains the pulp and roots intact. In these cases, our dentists can reinsert the tooth into the socket, allowing it to heal. 
  • Tooth Extraction: In cases where the tooth is severely damaged and cannot be saved, our dentists can perform emergency tooth extractions to remove the affected tooth. 
  • Root Canal Treatment: Severe infections inside the tooth can lead to toothaches, bleeding, and sensitivity, and in cases where the tooth’s affected by an infection, we can perform emergency root canal treatment to remove the infection immediately. 
  • Orthodontic Correction: If you have braces and are experiencing discomfort from broken brackets or poking wires, our dentists can provide orthodontic care, especially if your braces are causing severe pain and discomfort. 
  • Filling, Denture, and Crown Repair: Losing crowns, missing fillings, and broken dentures can be devastating and a source of pain and inflammation. Our dentists can repair your restorations quickly by providing you with 24-hour service.
A woman holding their jaw in pain possibly needing Emergency Dental Care

How We Provide 24-Hour Emergency Dental Care at Dental Care 4 U 

Our dentists can provide immediate emergency appointments from the first moment you call. When you visit our office, we will work with you and your loved ones to provide a safe, calming environment no matter the circumstances and help you receive the dental care you need most. 

During your emergency session, all of our members will be on staff to assess and diagnose your condition with swift efficiency. Dr. Raj Khurana can provide emergency treatments for children and adults and offer immediate remedies for your condition. Once your condition is stabilized, Dr. Khurana will provide follow-up appointments to check your progress and schedule treatments to care for your oral health. 

At Dental Care 4 U, we treat you like family here, and whether you need a regular exam, tooth extraction, or other forms of care, we provide a selection of services to care for all of your basic needs. For more information, contact our practice today in Holland, IL, to speak with Dr. Raj Khurana for an appointment. No matter the time of day, you’ll always see the same dentist and experience quality care.