5 Smile Issues That Invisalign Can Fix

If you’re wondering if Invisalign is suitable for your smile issues, check out this blog from Dental Care 4U in South Holland.

The Health Benefits Of Straighter Teeth

Did you know that having straight teeth offers more than just aesthetic benefits? Crooked or overcrowded teeth can be difficult to adequately clean since they can create hidden pockets in which your toothbrush is unable to reach. Plaque can accumulate in these areas and the bacteria can multiply quickly.

Straight teeth, on the other hand, are much easier to brush and floss. With straight teeth, there is ample room for your toothbrush’s bristles to get between your teeth to clean them properly. By cleaning your teeth well, you can reduce your risk of developing cavities and keep your gums healthy. Additionally, taking proper care of your teeth can help prevent periodontal diseases, which typically start with inflamed gums. Good oral hygiene can help you avoid halitosis, or bad breath, which is often caused by inadequate oral hygiene.

Having crooked teeth can cause a number of problems, such as shifting one’s jaw alignment when eating or speaking. This habit can put extra pressure on the gums, jaw and supporting bone. Jaw alignment issues can lead to frequent headaches, ear and neck pain, and other issues. Straightening your teeth can help alleviate these problems and provide relief from the pressure. It can also help improve one’s quality of life, as they will be more comfortable with eating and smiling, and can experience less pain due to the relaxed jaw muscles. With all these considerations in mind, straightening your teeth can help you live better and possibly longer.

What Is Invisalign?

Dental Care 4U offers a modern and affordable alternative to traditional metal braces: Invisalign® clear aligners. These aligners are almost invisible, made of polyurethane plastic, and completely removable, making it easy to brush and floss without brackets and wires. We provide Invisalign clear aligners to teenagers and adults with mild to moderate misalignments, and our team is dedicated to providing thoughtful, gentle treatment that will leave you with a beautiful smile.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Invisalign® clear aligners are a cutting-edge way to straighten teeth without the hassle of traditional braces. They work by applying a measured amount of pressure to the teeth to move them into the desired position over time. The clear, flexible plastic makes them comfortable to wear and they can be removed for eating, brushing, flossing, and social events.

They are created using specialized computer programs to analyze the movements necessary to bring your teeth into the most ideal alignment. Each movement will be divided into multiple stages and as each step is completed, your teeth will be gradually shifted and aligned properly.

What Are 5 Smile Issues Invisalign Can Correct?

  • Crooked teeth. This occurs when there is not enough room in the upper, lower, or both jaws to fit all teeth properly.

  • Overbite. Characterized by the upper teeth leaving too much of a gap in front of the bottom teeth. Can cause biting and chewing difficulties.

  • Underbite. Characterized by the bottom teeth protruding past the upper teeth. Can cause speech difficulties.

  • Gapped teeth. This spacing issue is defined by gaps between two or more teeth. Food that gets stuck in the teeth and gums of gapped teeth can increase the risk of gum disease.

  • Open bite. Characterized by a bite in which the upper and lower teeth do not meet.

What Can I Expect From Invisalign Treatment At Dental Care 4U?

Our dental team can provide a customized treatment plan that caters to many misalignment cases and help straighten your and your family’s teeth. By following the Invisalign plan, your family’s teeth can be straighter in four simple steps: 

  • Step 1: Treatment Plan Design – After determining that you are a candidate for Invisalign, our staff at dental care 4U starts the procedure by designing a series of aligner trays using the 3D model of your teeth.3D imaging, X-rays, and teeth impressions are used to cast an Invisalign to perfectly match your teeth. All the digital information is then fed to software to generate a 3D image of the Invisalign device. Once designed, the trays are molded onto a 3D pattern by Invisalign technicians.
  • Step 2: Invisalign Fitting – Our staff will fit your new aligners on your teeth at your next appointment smoothly and painlessly. Dr. Raj Khurana will specify when the aligners must be worn, provide any after-care instructions, and schedule a follow-up appointment. 
  • Step 3: Changes and Stage Treatment – Your follow-up visit will allow our team to change your aligners for any reason, including uncomfortable wear or broken aligners. Our team will provide you with a new aligner set during each stage to advance the treatment further.
  • Step 4: Alignment and Retainer – Once you have completed all the stages for Invisalign, our team will provide you with an Invisalign retainer to help you maintain your progress and keep your teeth happily aligned.

Dental Care 4U Is Dentistry For The Entire Family In South Holland

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