Root Canal Treatment

Also known as Endodontics.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a special process to treat the tooth which has become infected all the way to its core. This usually happens when cavities are neglected for a long time and the decay keeps spreading. This is a serious medical issue as it can affect the nerve ending and even the bone. If left untreated, it can even affect your entire immune system adversely. Its is also a painful problem to have.

Some of the symptoms of this are:

  • Weird taste in the mouth.
  • Sensitivity to extreme temperatures or sweets .
  • Swelling .
  • Severe toothache.

In some cases, no symptoms show up and the infection is discovered only at the time of dental checkup. The process requires that the tooth is cleaned, and the infected area removed. It needs to be further disinfected to ensure that the rot does not spread. A cap or crown is usually recommended to stop the infection from spreading further.

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