Pediatric Dentistry

It is important to have strong and healthy gums and teeth from an early age as it sets precedent for how your dental structure and health will be in later years.

Pediatric Dentistry

We have expert care for our young patients, who are usually scared of the word 'dentist'. We create a friendly environment for them, so that they are relaxed and not anxious. It helps set the tone of future visits as well.

As the name suggests, dental bridges: -

  • Routine checks – A lot of people ask, when is the correct age for the first dental checkup. It is as soon as their first tooth emerge. It helps in ensuring that the teeth are coming out correctly and the oral practices followed are healthy. Routine checks are essential and encouraged as it helps us monitor the child’s dental health constantly.
  • Preventive measures - It is also recommended that any preventive treatments like sealants, regular teeth clean ups and mouth guards (for athletic kids) are undertaken. A lot of issues that occur later can be avoided by taking these steps at an early age.
  • Restoration - At times, children may end up loosing their tooth due to certain reason. At this delicate age, it can be a blow to their confidence level. However, we provide skilled restoration services to help them. The restoration done is so natural that it is difficult to differentiate between it from a regular tooth.
  • Emergency care - We have an emergency care present for the children as well. If there has been any accidents or unbearable toothaches, we respond to them immediately.

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