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Filling is the solution to prevent complete decay of any tooth which may be slightly damaged due to cavities, which is caused by tartar, plaque or lack of proper dental hygiene.

Why it is Important ?

  • Cavities form small hole in the teeth, which if left untreated allows food particles and harmful bacteria inside the tooth causing irreparable damage. Ideally, these should be treated at the earliest to ensure minimal harm.
  • We provide filling that are strong filling. It ensures that regular tasks like chewing hard food does not become a problem. .

Before creating a new filling, it is essential that the decayed proton of tooth and any previous filling is carefully removed. It is then sealed of with new filling material to stop any further damage to the tooth. A dental curing light is used to harden the filling which gives it stability and strength. To ensure that your natural smile is not affected, the tooth is polished and shaped. There is no special care needed post this procedure and you only need to brush and foss regularly.

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