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Dentures are Artificial Replacement of some or all your teeth. Depending on the requirement one can get either partial or complete dentures.

Partial or Complete dentures: -

  • Partial dentures – These are recommended if the patent is missing a few permanent teeth. These replacement teeth are set in a pink base to match your gums. Metal framework are used to hold them in place. Not only does it act as a replacement but also stabilizes the other teeth and stops them from moving haywire. Partial dentures need regular upkeep such as cleaning and repair.
  • Complete dentures – If all your teeth need to be replaced then complete dentures are the solution. Based on your gum condition, jaw size and mouth structure, they can either be made before or after all your teeth are removed. There may be need for some adjustments post getting the dentures, depending on the time it takes for you to heal from the teeth extraction. These dentures are also removable and can be taken out for cleaning or repair

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