General Dentistry

At our dental care clinic, we ensure that your smile is our priority. Our main aim is to provide you with the very best service and dental care. Visit us for any dental health issue or your annual check-up.

Dental Exam and Cleaning

To ensure you have healthy teeth and gums, regular dental exam and cleaning is a must.

What These checkups Do?

  • These checkups are routine and help in identifying any decay or cavites well in advance, hence combating it efficiently before any permanent damage can happen.
  • These bi -annual checks act as a preventive measure and can save you from getng a more expensive dental procedure later.
  • Regular exams also help in maintaining good oral hygiene and prevent issues like bad breath or gum diseases.
  • If you have received any previous dental procedure, then that also gets checked to ensure
  • Our cleaning process is thorough, and plaque or tartar collected on your teeth are removed completely. We also remove stains that may have been caused due to various food or drinks. The teeth are cleaned and polished to give it a healthy shine.

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