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Dental Bridge

Dental Bridges – Weak dental structure, injuries or acute teeth issues can lead to multple teeth loss. Apart from causing problems while eatng and talking, it can also lead to more serious problems such as lopsided facial structure or jawbone deterioraton. The soluton for this is ‘dental bridge’.

As the name suggests, dental bridges: -

  • Use prosthetc teeth to link the gaps between your natural teeth and ep you achieve correct teeth structure.
  • Provide the stability needed to the prosthetc tooth. This treatment is also known as partal dentures.
  • The user has the opton to either opt for Fixed or Removable bridges.
  • Those who want an easy and convenient process to deal with teeth loss can choose Removable Bridges. They use metal clasp or denture precision atachment which can easily be removed by the user themselves. It can be taken out for cleaning and easily reinserted.
  • The Fixed Bridges, they are permanent in nature and are atached via oral surgery. The teeth are either atached as bridges on top of implants or secured directly over the natural teeth. The process ensures that the bridge have a strong foundaton and hence remain stable.

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